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Axbridge Surgery: Houlgate Way, Axbridge, BS26 2BJ
Wedmore Surgery: St. Medard Road, Wedmore, BS28 4AN

Axbridge Surgery Tel: 01934 732 464
Wedmore Surgery Tel: 
01934 712 774

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The following travel vaccinations are usually available free on the NHS:

These vaccines are usually free because they protect against diseases thought to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the country.

We provide a full travel service, unless you are travelling within 8 weeks.  Please call into the surgery and ask for a travel form.  You will be given a personalised form which will show the previous immunisations that you have had. Patient will check as per information on the form and if necessary return travel form to Practice if they have assessed they need vaccinations.  You will then be booked a 20 minute Nurse appointment.

We do not offer yellow fever vaccinations.

If you are travelling in under 6 weeks there are other local travel clinics available. Some examples below:

  • NOMAD Bristol: 01341 555061
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Axbridge 01934 733230
  • Boots Chemist, Locking, W-S-M - online booking and information available / 01934 525048


Some useful links to travel advice websites: