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Axbridge Surgery: Houlgate Way, Axbridge, BS26 2BJ
Wedmore Surgery: St. Medard Road, Wedmore, BS28 4AN

Axbridge Surgery Tel: 01934 732 464
Wedmore Surgery Tel: 
01934 712 774

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Getting help and support around the menopause:

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing the menopause and wants help with managing your/their symptoms and to understand how you/they may be affected,  please watch this helpful webinar developed by Dr Kathryn Patrick a local Somerset GP. The webinar is also in sign language for those who are hard of hearing.

Patient Leaflet for surgery

Patient home blood pressure form

Weight management referral leaflet

Starting a statin

Changing a statin

Switch from Sukkarto SR to Metformin SR

Use of combined hormonal contraception during the Covid-19 pandemic

HRT in COVID pandemic

Diabetes and statin letter

Contraception leaflet

Musculoskeletal and Physiotherapy

Booking 2022 seasonal flu and COVID vaccination

There's also range of Patient Information Leaflets available in the Surgery waiting area.