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Axbridge Surgery: Houlgate Way, Axbridge, BS26 2BJ
Wedmore Surgery: St. Medard Road, Wedmore, BS28 4AN

Axbridge Surgery Tel: 01934 732 464
Wedmore Surgery Tel: 
01934 712 774

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Child Health Clinics

Every Tuesday morning at Cheddar Library.

Appointments: No appointment is necessary to attend the child health clinics.

Our health visitor works closely with our midwife in some of the parenthood classes.

Her prime function is to promote good health through education and to give parents an understanding of their child’s development. Apart from child health clinics she also carries out routine developmental checks on pre-school children.

If you wish to talk to the health visitor about any aspect of your child’s development, or indeed anything of concern to you, please call them on 0300 790 6836